Love is the most amazing thing in our lives.

Magical & special it is like a diamond - complex and multifaceted.

Anyone who’s ever had a really great love knows that it’s pretty astounding when it does happen. It can feel like the craziest thing to find someone who seems to fit so perfectly with you and, quite honestly, it’s the bestest (Yes, I wrote it) feeling in the world.

So we have this day 14th of Febraury to really go all out and celebrate LOVE!

For me it’s weird because as a huge romantic I go all out for love all the time. I am completely in Awe that the forces of the universe brought us two together. So Valentine’s day has always been “Sorta just there”.

We do not go out on Valentine’s day, it’s the worst day to be out in a restaurant.

We stay home and have a truly great time enjoying each other’s company doing the things we love to do.

We cook, we dance (after a few glasses of wine), we watch something light and funny. I live with a closet entertainer so there is never a dull moment whether I have the energy for it or not. The jokes & stories get crazier by the glass.

Because essentially it’s not what you do, it’s whom you do it with.

So whoever you have on valentine’s day, be it that special someone, family or friends, just be sure to enjoy the day and appreciate love.

TW x


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