A story written about me went viral (well, at least I think it did) yesterday. Yayy to that right?!?

Anywho, loved the vibe of the article, I read it and thought to myself I don't fit into a single box anymore, and that's how growth should feel. You start as one thing then slowly morph into something else, most times a better more complex form of what you were at the beginning. Change.

Easy assumption to think I was born to a Jewish family being in the diamond trade, but I'm a proud Jewish convert. Long challenging & fulfilling process.

On the plus side many people now know of a small Jewish community in the eastern part of Nigeria 'Igbo Jews' and I hope this brings Tzedakah their way.

To all who liked, shared, sent messages and reacted positively to the article.

Lets continue to spread love.

TW x

PS: Thanks to Maureen Cofflard and the AFP London team for the write up which has now been translated from French to English & Spanish.


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