Peniche! My very first surfing experience

I recently discovered this little fishing town of Peniche. Not the most beautiful spot on the Portugese coast, but it's the most famous surfing area in the country. A year round destination, this former island contains an obscene amount of wave variety that delivers in almost any conditions.

The summers here are long and the winters mild with the occasional storm. Peniche did not disappoint. After many years of thinking about taking up surfing, I finally took action and surfed for the first time in Peniche. It was a beautiful experience.

Yes there where many goofy moments, like the shock that hit me when the cold sea water crashed on my face for the first time, wetsuits do not cover your feet and can be a pain to put on, I needed help taking them off after each day's session, and beginner surfs boards are larger than average and as such heavier to carry, but the joy of riding my first wave on my first day after a 3 hour lesson made it all worth it.

I went on to have lessons and free surf sessions everyday for 4 days. I struggled to stand on the 2nd day because my shoulders hurt so much but my desire to get really good kept me going.

On my last day the water was full of seaweed but I couldn't resist. I paid the price - see the photo. Even a broken nail (disaster for my work) did not break my spirit.

I stayed at Surf Castle and I plan to go back again. A great place to travel with family, friends or solo. Joao and the rest of the team are amazing and maintain a special house which leaves you wanting more.

Like many things in life, timing is a huge deal that can change the final outcome even by a tiny second. I'm happy to say my surf journey will not end in Peniche, next stop Devon or Cornwall were the water is freezing cold. Wish me luck

TW x


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