Spring has sprung 💚

Spring has sprung 💚

Happy birthday to all born in the month of May. Emerald the birthstone for the month is known as the Gem of Spring.

This gorgeous green gem is a variety of Beryl and was thought to foretell the future. Often carried by travellers on land or sea as a talisman to safeguard their journey.

Cleopratra adored emeralds and put a claim on all mines in Egypt. Emerals were worn by Egyptian royalty and accompanied them when buried.

The gem is also know to aid with heartbreak. Tagged the stone of rebirth and recovery, it is said to clear away undesirable patterns of loss by reinforcing the emotional and physical heart centers.

The emerald is know to help with inspiration, faith, calmness, and wealth as well as bringing brilliance, love, liveliness and empathy.

A client born in the month of May has taken inspiritaion and I am designing a necklace featuring a 2 carat Colombian emerald and a line of brilliant diamonds.

Colombian emeralds have the element chromium, which is responsible for the purest green colours in the stones.

She's going to love this creation.

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