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It all begins with the diamond.

Every detail about a diamond determines its value. From the source (rough origin) of the diamonds, the polish, size, colour, position of the inclusion i.e. clarity of the diamond and how it reflects light & life.

A lot of the diamonds we source are recycled. As an experienced gemologist, Thelma always picks diamonds that maintain & increase in value over time.

In our collection, we carry some of the most sought after diamonds and precious stones, in different shapes and sizes, from the very popular colourless (white) diamonds to the extremely rare yellow, pink, blue & red diamonds.
Old Masterpieces.

Our specialists attend auctions all over the world and source the most sought after valuable items on offer.

Pieces are considered Antique if they at least 70 years old. A top signed antique piece is considered priceless, and usually impossible to find, which is why it is widely considered a wise & safe investment.

To source the right item which is certified authentic & genuine requires a professional eye and a lot of experience.

We cherish old masterpieces and we are always keen to offer our clients these rare beauties.
We are dreamers.

Thelma West combines classic shapes with an element of jolie laide and high quality materials with functional details to create sunglasses that are sleek, quirky, but ultimately chic. Each frame is handmade then embellished with diamonds & 18k gold.

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